Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach advanced students?

Yes. For those advanced students, who already have a good technique, I can provide very strong assistance with interpretation, presentation, language accuracy in French, German, Italian and stagecraft. Non-native English speakers can be helped towards flawless English pronunciation. I provide tuition for examinations and assist with preparation for roles, auditions and performance. Advanced singers will also benefit from my relaxed, careful, analytic approach to resolving any unaddressed flaws in technique. It is not very helpful to have a vocal fault fixed in a lesson if the good technique can not be reproduced at will subsequently. It is therefore necessary for the singer to understand the cause of the problem and the nature of the fix. Relaxed but rigourous discussion will help understanding and retention.

Do you teach music theory and composition?

Yes indeed. I can give instruction in all aspects of music theory as required from basic staff notation to advanced harmony and counterpoint- and if required I can help with song writing or instrumental composition in a wide range of styles.

Do you teach beginners?

Yes. I take pride in having taught upwards of a hundred adults who were absolute beginners to sing well. Many of them now happy to sing solo before a large audience without a mic.

How long are the lessons and how frequent?

For over 16s I prefer to work with lessons of one hour duration. Any shorter and there is no time to get going. Any longer and we both get exhausted. A good frequency is once per week, especially for the first few lessons. Sometimes twice per week is good if working for an audition or an important performance, but because of time and expense many pupils come once per fortnight.

Do you teach children

Yes. Though not those younger than 11. Under 16s will need to be accompanied by a parent. Lessons are shorter. Lessons are booked one at a time - not in a series.

How much are the lessons?

My current rates are 32 pounds per hour for students over 21 and 25 pounds per 45 minutes for students under 21. My charges are at the middle/lower end of the scale.

What if I turn out not to be able to sing/ or have a very poor voice?

It hasn't happened yet in my experience. Most people are very pleasantly surprised at how they progress.

How many lessons must I sign up for?

I work one lesson at a time. When one is finished we can book the next if you wish.

Do I need to be able to read music?

Not as a beginner. However I do encourage you gradually to acquire music skills and knowledge of theory.